Zemen, Z. Selling the War: Art and Propaganda in World War II London: Orbis, 1978

A general work, with a substantial section upon British propaganda. Very heavily illustrated, in fact the images almost overpower the text, but the text is quite ‘learned’ and includes many important details, such as the significance of some of the images contained in the posters, including flags. Posters are compared with other types of propaganda, […]

Clark, T. Art and Propaganda London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1997

Aimed largely at the undergraduate market (unfortunately un-referenced), the book beings with a brief discussion of the connotations of the word ‘propaganda’: “For some ‘propaganda art’ is a contradiction in terms: ‘propaganda’ suggests government-sponsored censorship, intimidation and deception, while ‘art’ implies the pursuit of beauty, truth and freedom.” Clark argues against this negative and unbalanced […]