Fougasse (Cyril Kenneth Bird) (b.1887; d.1965)

A great modern twist on a Fougasse poster with regards to careless mobile talking costs lives (Neil has given me permission to put the original in), and he's also done another image relating to "Police bugged Muslim MP Sadiq Khan" (and he's sent me some more, which I shall post at a later date). There's a a lovely design on noise, which I think is a genuine one. Fougasse was born on 17 December 1887 in…

F. Kenwood-Giles

Potentially an artist with the surname Kenwood-Giles, rather than Kenwood Giles. 'F. Kenwood Giles' illustrated the cover of the book The Great Mistake in 1949, and designed the jigsaw puzzle 'The Little Mermaid'. Information collated from: Rotter, V., 'The War in Posters', Art and Industry, Vol.39, No. 231, September 1945, p.78; Augustine Funnell Books, 'Mystery/Suspense/Thrill Paperback R-Z',, accessed October 3 2003;, 'Artist Works on Jigsaw Puzzles',, accessed October 3 2003 Featured Image: Pinterest

Ashley Havinden (b.1903; d.1973)

Ashley Eldrid Havinden, who signed his work 'Ashley', was born in Rochester, Kent on April 13 1903. He studied drawing and design in evening classes at the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London, whilst also taking lessons from Henry Moore (the sculptor). He joined W.S. Crawford, Ltd., advertising agents, as a nineteen year old trainee in 1922. He was promoted to become Art Director and a Board Member in 1939. Crawford's became a…

English Heritage Posters

 Have you seen these posters: "Drink England"? There's a couple of them that I see every morning, and truly fits with Fougasse's idea that they should be fully visible as you whizz past in a hurry, but if you have the time to move in closer, there's a lot of detail to consider... it's a really interesting juxtaposition of visuals to sum up "all that is great about Britain"?! Wells & Youngs The illustrator: portfolio

Abram Games (b.1914, d.1996)

Abram Games: Maximum Meaning, Minimum Means (Touring Exhibition) I went to this exhibition when it first launched at the Design Museum in 2003... really interesting, and a real chance to get up close and personal with Abram Games' iconic works (including the famous banned "blond bombshell"). I have also met Naomi Games a couple of times, who, a note to those of you who think that all Second World War posters are out of copyright...…