Athiest Bus Campaign: 2

Following the “There’s no God… probably” campaign of last year, the Atheist Bus Campaign is launching a new poster campaign arguing against “labelling” children with their parents religion. The campaign appears to be concerned particularly with faith schools – and I have to say I have concerns about ‘segregating children according to their parents beliefs’ – we are a mixed society, and the more we can understand about each others beliefs and drivers, the better – we don’t want ghettos! Having studied some elements of the History of Education at Winchester, I felt I had to comment (as above!) – who first introduced education to the masses… and what value systems are people using, what worldview is their world based upon, if we don’t give them an opportunity to explore faiths and decide for themselves. As a Christian, I believe faiths have to be open to questioning – I’m know I don’t have all the answers (believe me, the more you learn, the more you know you don’t know!), but if it can’t stand up to that questioning, we have to question its value… and for me, Christianity stacks up.

Theos, who paid £50 towards the last campaign because they thought it looked so woolly, have quickly commented on this one too.