Would you ban laptops in your classroom? #HigherEd #TechChat

Interesting thoughts from an academic who banned laptops from his classroom: The problem is not just that laptops provide an outlet for boredom. After all, distraction was just as much a problem in Aristotle’s day as in ours. Laptops also have a negative effect on the more attentive students, many of whom compulsively transcribe every utterance out […]

Breaking Up With My iPhone

Another fascinating tale about someone making an active decision to disconnect from the ‘always-on’ nature of their iPhone: This sturdy conviction soon gave way to a more fragile reality. It turned out my iPhone only enabled me do what I always did — just more frequently and everywhere. In other words, I basically checked email […]

Anti-Social Networks?

An interesting piece which highlights the values of the humanities to question what social networks and other digital technologies are doing to us as human beings (and educators): Or, perhaps more accurately, our iSelves. According to a spate of recent studies, narcissistic personality disorder is on the rise among American youth. Psychologists lay the blame […]

Darwin wouldn't have bothered with Twitter?

Checking out a story in i this evening, which reckons that Darwin (and other?) theories wouldn’t have happened in the modern day: Our world is a frantic, intellectually combustible place. Opinions are 10 a penny in the age of Twitter. Mature reflection does not play a major part in public discourse. Knee-jerk reaction? That’ll do. […]