Antiques Roadshow: Keep Calm and Carry On

I have always said I’d be a little skeptical if a chunk of posters turned up in someone’s attic, but it appears that these are genuine. We have always been a little unsure what had happened to the posters, and research indicated that they may have been pre-circulated … if not, then they were likely […]

The art of warfare

By TOBY WALNE Last updated at 10:16 PM on 29th May 2010 Wish I’d had money to buy some of these… would love at least one original (particularly Women of Britain) Your country needs you, Lord Kitchener, Secretary of State for War, famously declared at the start of the First World War in a 1914 recruitment […]

Quad Royal

A beautiful little site which includes lots of information from someone who worked in the field, and collects small vintage posters from ebay, etc.

Posters That Lured Land Girls Crop Up at Auction

Read the original story in The Times, or access Wallis & Wallis.  Is this from the same “crop” (ha ha, clever journalism) as the recent sale, interesting that so many are being found right now. Is it just that people now recognise the value, or what’s the story (my initial cynicism was to assume that […]

Poster Collection for Sale

I wondered about keeping this quiet, as I would LOVE to own my own original poster, but it’s in the Daily Mail, and I was contacted by BBC South-East Today on Tuesday as they were covering a story on it (I missed out on contributing as I was organising a training session all day). If […]