[LECTURE] Raising Children in a Digital Age … and Business

Looking at 'Raising Children in a Digital Age' as useful information for Foundation Business Students at MMU - helping them look at responsibilities, the culture they're engaging with - especially if creating content online to create a safer online environment Raising Children in a Digital Age for Foundation Business Degree @MMUBS from Bex Lewis Listen to the audio (MP3).

Daily Audio Reflections from #TFBloggers

Listen Here (MP3) - 5 days, around 3-4 minutes a day. We were in the dining room - that's what blogging on the move does for you - it's a bit raw, we were quite tired, and doing this on the hoof, but listening back to it, I think it's great what was captured each day. See #TFBloggers page on Tearfund, and don't forget to check out the project we saw parts of. CODEC has…