[LECTURE] Raising Children in a Digital Age … and Business

Looking at ‘Raising Children in a Digital Age‘ as useful information for Foundation Business Students at MMU – helping them look at responsibilities, the culture they’re engaging with – especially if creating content online to create a safer online environment

Raising Children in a Digital Age for Foundation Business Degree @MMUBS from Bex Lewis

Listen to the audio (MP3).

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[AUDIO] Chatting #SID2016 with Dave Hodgson @tretalkisgood

Running off the back of Safer Internet Day last week, I enjoyed chatting to Dave about all things children and online:

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[AUDIO] Newsdesk @TWRUK – Can Facebook friends be real friends?

My segment on TWR Radio this morning:

Listen to latest full programme on TWR Newsdesk

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#CNMAC14 Recording: Digital Health Check

I held a session called ‘Digital Health Check’ at the Christian New Media Conference. The omnipresence of digital can pose challenges. Explore with Dr Bex how to keep your life in balance (43 minutes):


Daily Audio Reflections from #TFBloggers


Listen Here (MP3) – 5 days, around 3-4 minutes a day. We were in the dining room – that’s what blogging on the move does for you – it’s a bit raw, we were quite tired, and doing this on the hoof, but listening back to it, I think it’s great what was captured each day.

See #TFBloggers page on Tearfund, and don’t forget to check out the project we saw parts of. CODEC has now bought the same machine to encourage more of these kind of ad hoc conversations – now to decide on some topics…