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[MEDIA] Talking about @Barnardos report with @PremierRadio and @HeartNorthWest

Barnardo’s released a new report focusing upon screentime, addiction, mental health, online grooming, and cyberbullying …

I was asked to respond to this on Premier’s News Hour

and shortly afterwards for Heart Radio (not sure which show it went out on):

It’s always interesting to see which elements are used, from a 15 minute chat.

Notes In Preparation: 



Barnardo’s works with the most vulnerable children and young people, helping them transform their lives and fulfil their potential, supporting 120,000 children and their families through 370 services in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We believe that the lives of all children should be free from poverty, abuse and discrimination. We use our expertise and knowledge to campaign for better care for children and to champion the rights of every child.