Disappointing EU Outcome

So, we had the EU ruling that Coop is allowed to keep the trademark for ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, but the fight’s not over yet (not that I’ve ever made a penny on it, but I like the attitude of Barter Books with regards to this) A famous Northumberland book shop’s bid to overturn […]

Yahoo Continues to Report on KCCO

It was originally a Second World War rallying cry to all Britons, but 70 years later the ‘Keep Calm’ slogan is now the subject of a long-running legal copyright dispute. The wartime message has in recent years become an iconic national slogan after the phrase appeared on posters, books, mugs and other merchandise. But ‘Keep […]

Keep Calm and Carry On Dispute Continues

Just popped a little comment onto this Guardian article: The issue may be simply resolved in the end, with evidence that former TV producer Mark Coop got his original copy from Barter Books and appears to have no evidence of original discovery; but the Keep Calm Campaign says that he has United States and Canadian applications pending […]

The History of Keep Calm and Carry On Barter Books

I saw a preview of this video last summer. It’s well made, and clearly of interest to large numbers of people (I get over 10,000 visits a month to my blog). I did, however, ask that a mention be made at the end of the video, that the history is essentially the history written in […]

#KeepCalmandCarryOn Statement from Barter Books

“Barter Books wish to make it clear that Mark Coop has no ethical or moral right to ‘Keep Calm’. The reverse – when he first jumped on the band-wagon, six years after it was first put on sale, and two years after the Guardian feature and subsequent TV that started the worldwide spread, it was […]