Inside Out, North East

Talking to Linda Barker, I appear for about, ooo, 10 seconds, and then again a bit later in the programme! A lot of the information from my PhD also makes its way into the words coming from Linda Barker’s mouth… and there’s a few ways that things have been interpreted that I might take issue […]

The One Show

I’ve just been chatting to the Researchers from The One Show about “Keep Calm and Carry On”, which they are planning to cover on 29th March.  I had tried pitching to The One Show before, but hadn’t been picked up.  It looks like I won’t actually be on it, as they will be filming at […]

8th March: BBC Inside Out

The other week I was filmed for ‘Inside Out North East’, and this will be shown (in the North East) on Monday evening, but will then be available on iPlayer afterwards.  I have had a few questions as to why I am on in the North East when I am based in the South. The […]

Keep Calm and Carry On Update

So, what’s been going on in the world of Keep Calm and Carry On, whilst we’ve been enjoying the halcyon days of British summer (and with all those tales of the recession coming to an end, has the popularity of the slogan taken a downturn?) Troops On Tour order the t-shirts A casting call for […]

Keep Calm and Carry On Apron

So, for a week in the Loire Valley, I cooked for 83 people on 4 gas burners (2 of which were rather temperamental), including a vegetarian option! Despite Marvin’s apron of Master Chef (:-)) I was Chief Cook on this trip – responsible for ensuring that the meal was ready roughly on time, enough to […]