[CANCER/MEDIA] Talking with @Sarah_Montague on @BBCWorldatOne on @BBCRadio4

This morning I was rung by the production team from World at One, on BBC Radio 4, who had heard my BBC Radio 5 Live piece, and wanted to run something similar. There is a lot of rumbling about the number of people who have missed diagnoses (anticipated 18,000-35,000), and how those with ongoing treatment […]

[CANCER] Script for @BBCRadio4 Lent Talk on Faith, Uncertainty and Cancer

This evening, my Lent Talk for BBC Radio 4 has been broadcast. The script I read from was as follows: I’m just posting a picture onto my Instagram feed, and as I have done several times over the past year or so, tagged it with #waitingroomfeet. As you might guess, this is a picture of […]

[MEDIA] Talking about faith, uncertainty and cancer on @BBCRadio4 for Lent.

This morning, on the Today programme, 29 minutes into the programme (and clearly at other points during the day), the Lent series that I am featured on, was trailed, using an extract from my talk. I captured the audio: and the episode now has it’s own unique URL, read for when it’s broadcast on 27th […]