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Front cover, New York Times, 5th July 2009Dr Bex Lewis in a KCCO t-shirtNYT Article in PrintChristianity in the Digital Space

Monday-Wednesday this week I’ve been at a symposium in Durham, looking at Christianity in the Digital Space. As this included meeting up with people I’d only ever met on Twitter and Facebook, and as my avatar for those pages had changed to this image (see right) over the past couple of weeks, I decided the easiest way to identify myself was to wear the KCCO t-shirt at the conference, and it certainly worked well! Wearing a LOUD slogan on your t-shirt, particularly one that so many people have heard of, makes it very noticeable, and I got many questions as to the significance and history of it!

New York Times

Well, you can’t really have missed that I was in the New York Times on 5th July, but I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to see the real thing, rather than just the online version. Much as I live much of my life in the digital world, there’s nothing quite like “dead-tree” publications! So here are pics of the front cover/the article from the NYT, which my landlady’s beautiful friend in New York saved and posted to me!


Don’t forget that there’s a competition to win one of 10 copies of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On‘ by 20th July (and hopefully my Twitter account @drbexl will be unsuspended by then!), so enter, and tell your friends! Good book!


Super Fun Days Out: Love Life… Live It!

Super Fun Days Out Slogan: Love Life... Live It!

Recently, I have been appointed as a partner, and the New Media Strategist for Super Fun Days Out, covering the blog (coming shortly), Twitter, and Bookmarking, starting with Delicious.

Super Fun Days Out is a free online adrenaline-directory, covering more than 2,000 UK companies who provide adventure sports. Rather than taking commission, SFDO (#sfdo) provides links directly to the sports providers, thus making it more affordable for those who want to participate in adventure sports, and giving the UK economy a boost as we continue to “Keep Calm and Carry On”, for which we have substituted our company slogan: “Love Life… Live It”!

Adventure Sports Include:4×4 driving; abseiling; airsoft; archery; assault course; banana rides; blading; body boarding; buggies; bungee jumping; bush craft; canoeing; canyoning; caving; clay pigeon shooting; coasteering; cycling; dinghy; dragon boating; duckies; fishing; flying; golf; hang gliding; helicopter; hill climbing; horse riding; hot air balloon; hovercrafting; ice skating; jcb driving; jet ski; karting; kayaking; kite surfing; land yachting; laser clay pigeon shooting; laser combat; laser tag; military driving; minimoto; mircolight; motocross; mountain biking; mountain boarding; outdoor pursuits; paddlesurfing; paintball; parachute; paragliding; paramotoring; performance car driving; powerboating; quad biking; raft building; rafting;rally driving; ringos; river bugs; rock climbing; rowing; sailing; scuba diving; segway racing; shark diving; shooting; skiing; skim boarding; skirmish; skydiving; skydiving freefall simulator; sleddog; sledging; snorkelling; snow; snowboarding; sphereing; surfing; wakeboarding; wakeskating; water sports; waterskiing; waveski; white water rafting; windsurfing; yachting; zip wire; zorbing

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Dr Bex Lewis in a Keep Calm and Carry On T-shirt

Dr Bex Lewis in a KCCO t-shirtThis morning I had this photo taken for another press release (after the NYT article) … we had some fun taking them – trying to make sure the slogan was on view! Nice, eh?! One of the first comments I had as I walked in was “ooo, I saw Katie Price wearing that the other day”, and it has generated quite a lot of other comments too – people are just so interested in it… I met a super-fan (Jas) at the Winchester Web Scene last night, who said that he owns most variations of it (that’s us having a chat in the background)!

Thanks to Tim Griffiths at the University of Winchester for the photo.

I purchased my t-shirt from Barter Books (only £12.60 +p&p).


London Transport Posters in Wartime

London-Transport-Posters-newLondon Transport Posters: A Century of Art and Design OK, so maybe I’m going for the easy entries over the next few days, but I’ve got plenty to add on bits and pieces. I tried to get my original research material out from storage today, but it’s going to have to wait…. I have lots materially digitally stored!

London Transport Museum’s Exhibition ‘The Art of the Poster‘ finished last week, and was accompanied by the book London Transport Posters: A Century of Art and Design, for which I wrote a chapter (finishing as much as I could do in an internet cafe in Melbourne, Australia!). London Transport Museum are notoriously protective of their copyright, so it was a great chance to continue some research on further posters… I still get excited when I see a poster I’ve not seen before, or even one I have seen before making it’s way into the modern public domain… such as the Keep Calm and Carry On posters! My thesis focused largely on posters produced by the Ministry of Information, but they called upon the expertise of organisations such as London Transport and Shell in the formation of the Ministry of Information, as these organisations had demonstrated a proficiency in publicity. It was also interesting to study First World War posters, to which I’d referred in my thesis (noting that they were far more King & Country whereas the Second World War was a much more democratic effort), as the chapter was about wartime posters, not just the Second World War. LTM had been working on digitising their poster collection whilst I was doing my PhD research, and the materials launched online whilst I was writing this chapter. My PhD research had turned up some really interesting information which the London Transport archives didn’t have (and I spent some time both in Covent Garden and the main archives, along with the V&A, and we had meetings out at Acton… some great materials stored there), so really felt I made a good contribution. My chapter ended up as a joint publication as David Bownes completed it whilst I was hopping around New Zealand, before I proof read it in the midst of Bolivia, after a great day blowing up dynamite in the silver mines, before returning in time for the book/exhibition launch in October!

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