What are my deadlines?

Well, alongside steadily working at the University of Winchester as Blended Learning Fellow, and regular teaching¬†commitments¬†(and marking… maybe I should put that into this timetable!), keeping The Big Bible Project going, ¬†chipping into 12baskets, and here’s some big deadlines coming up: [15th March: Night Photography] [19th March: TEDX Event London] 21st March: Pre-Advertise HEEG event […]

Bex’s Workplan for 2010/11

OK, so for those of you who say it’s hard to keep track (which can include me!), finally have some confirmations, so here’s what’s going on… (am hoping it’s not as crazy a timetable as last year, but suspect another event or 2 will sneak in there…) June Just finished Church & Media Network Conference […]

What Others Say

Others indicate that I have a number of strengths: Looking to create unity, harmony, and create a cohesive whole from seemingly disparate elements Seeks, encourages and generates creative ideas to promote valued causes. Works at both strategic and practical levels Will consult appropriate experts (academics, students, creative & technical agencies) Trained to work to a […]