Digital Event

Bex speaking at #vsn11: 'Being Salt and Light in the Online World'

Here’s the talk I gave to the Visual Story Network in Edinburgh (14th April), the Prezi is here, and Andrew Flynn’s talk is here.


What are my deadlines?

Well, alongside steadily working at the University of Winchester as Blended Learning Fellow, and regular teaching commitments (and marking… maybe I should put that into this timetable!), keeping The Big Bible Project going,  chipping into 12baskets, and here’s some big deadlines coming up:

  • [15th March: Night Photography]
  • [19th March: TEDX Event London]
  • 21st March: Pre-Advertise HEEG event with Lisa Harris et al
  • 22nd March: Event with Andrew
  • 23rd March: JISC Experts Group
  • [26th March: Street Photography]
  • 1st April: PGCLTHE Portfolio Assignment
  • [4th April: Guy Kawasaki Event]
  • 6th April: Plymouth Learning Conference paper with Marcus
  • 12th April: Edinburgh, Visual Story Network
  • Mid-April: Talk to David Bownes
  • 27th April: L&T Day, University of Winchester
  • 2nd May: Social Media History Lecture for 21st Century Media
  • 18th May: Innovation in IT Session 3
  • 23rd May: Twitter for Careers Workshop
  • [24th May: Thinking Digital Conference]
  • 1st June: Innovation in IT Session 4
  • 13th June: C&M Network Conference (Panel)
  • 20th June: MediaLit (tweak ‘Revolution’ presentation, and completely redo practical session + worksheets)
  • End-June: All SkillsNet programme level materials in base form, so can be built upon
  • 1st July: Loughborough BODGIT Event
  • July: CofE Workshops
  • 13th July: Cultural Memory Conference (paper on WW2 posters)
  • 14th July or October 19th : JISC Experts Group (present paper?)
  • 14th July: Winchester Women Graduates Talk on WW2 posters
  • ?: (July) Social Media Strategy for Christian Connection.
  • <edit>[6-15 August: Malta]
  • ?: Twitter article with David Rush
  • ?: Article on Keep Calm and Carry On for The Poster Journal
  • ?: Book Proposal (talk to Jenny, IWM)
  • ?: DVD with Matt Buck
  • 6th September:  ALT-C Papers (BODGIT Workshop and Twitter paper)

and knowing me, I’ll have forgotten something…


Bex’s Workplan for 2010/11

OK, so for those of you who say it’s hard to keep track (which can include me!), finally have some confirmations, so here’s what’s going on… (am hoping it’s not as crazy a timetable as last year, but suspect another event or 2 will sneak in there…)



  • Finish project ‘SkillsNet’ (50 hours, 23 already done), ensuring that all ‘Skills Related’ material is easily accessible to students online, rather than duplicated or confusing material across subjects
  • 0.4 History Lectureship comes to an end (although I’ll have to complete any marking, etc. for resits)
  • Start 0.5 work on the project “The Big Read” for CODEC (based at Premier Radio in London, although occasional visits to Durham may be necessary!
  • Start Work on EMBED IT (around 125 hours, 3-4 already done), a JISC funded project with the Universities of Loughborough, Middlesex and Strathclyde, with regards to embedding Wimba within the University of Winchester
  • Write up the Hertfordshire ‘Using Twitter for Communities of Practice’ as my second assignment for PGCLTHE.
  • Twitter Talk for “Out There


  • Review Editor “The Poster” Journal
  • Contributor, Journal of Technology, Religion and Theology
  • Write up my Reflective Portfolio as my third and final assignment for PGCLTHE.
  • Confirmed for a year, an extra 0.2 (so 0.4 total) for the Blended Learning Fellowship.


  • TAKE ANOTHER HOLIDAY, possibly Pilates Retreat (probably just going to my parents actually!)


  • Module Leadership for ‘Manipulating Media’. Associate Lecturing for  Media Studies, University of Winchester, carries across the year on a Friday.


  • Steering Committee, CODEC

February 2011

  • Teaching on the PGCLTHE (Blended Learning Module), Wednesday afternoons:16/02,09/03,27/04, 18/05
  • Teaching 12 hours for History on an ‘Independent Study Module’
  • Up for debate: teaching 24 hours for ‘Intro to Media Studies’ on Monday afternoons…

May 2011

June 2011

July 2011


What Others Say

Others indicate that I have a number of strengths:

  • Looking to create unity, harmony, and create a cohesive whole from seemingly disparate elements
  • Seeks, encourages and generates creative ideas to promote valued causes.
  • Works at both strategic and practical levels
  • Will consult appropriate experts (academics, students, creative & technical agencies)
  • Trained to work to a high level, implementing, and seeing things through to completion.

A collection of comments provided through feedback from friends, students, managers:

See more under Personality Profiling.


(Slightly belated) Happy Christmas 2009… but on time for Happy New Year 2010!

After taking 15hours to move about 4 miles along the M20 in Dover, finally made it to Lauterbrunnen where I’ve been cooking for 50 people all week (along with John P, who is in charge!). Christmas Eve was my day for skiing – didn’t quite work, so just enjoyed the train ride/apple fritters in Brandegg on Christmas Day, before we came back and cooked up a storm…

Heading back into the UK 27/28 December, so here’s praying you had a great Christmas, and are looking forward to 2010 – who knows what it will hold. For those of you who have lost track of what I’m up to, and are interested, I am doing the following (I was going to do this on my blog, but the database seems to have a problem, so I can’t get in…), mostly at the University of Winchester:

  1. 1 day per week promoting e-learning (permanent, but not enough to live on)
  2. 2 day per week Modern History Lectureship (til June 2010)
  3. Hourly (but around 2 day per week) teaching Media Studies (til June 2010)
  4. Completing my own studies: PGCLTHE (trying to finish by Febraruy 2010…)
  5. Setting up the socialmedia strategy for Super Fun Days Out (love some blog entries if you have time!), alongside ownsocial media consultancy.
  6. Other bits & bobs…Getting myself in the New York Times was probably a bit of a highlight for last year!