[WRITER] ‘Church as Family’ Bible Notes with ‘Day by Day with God’

Day by Day with God is published by BRF (the Bible Reading Fellowship), written by women for women. Each day a Bible passage is selected, a key verse focused upon, and then an explanation or application is suggested, along with further suggestions to help move women forward in their spiritual journey. This is the second time that I’ve been asked to write for these Bible notes, and was given the theme of ‘Church as Family’, which as a single woman I was particularly happy to be asked. On #WorldCancerDay, I have been very grateful for the wider church family for their prayers and practical support, and also those outside the church, especially #YBCN (for under 45s), and UK BC Support Group, and #WIASN and @beyondchoc, throughout my own cancer treatment.

I wrote the material around a year ago, and here’s the front cover, as received last month:

My section of material (14 days) starts today, and here’s the introductory page:

I hope some find it helpful. x



ucbUCB produces “The Word for Today“, distributed free-of-charge in a number of countries. I’ve found it very helpful.