[ENDORSEMENT] Bible Intro by @ChrisJuby

Pleased to have endorsed Chris Juby’s book: a “user-friendly Bible overview, written as an introduction for those new to Scripture and as a useful reference for experienced readers.” “You’ve never been able to get a solid overview of the Bible so quickly. Juby clearly draws on a deep and passionate knowledge of the material, and […]

An Interview on CNN @biblesummary @chrisjuby

Chris Juby, who’s writing @biblesummary (which I blogged about earlier), is interviewed on CNN. We’ve always said that it’s difficult to predict what will go viral..  and it’s great to see such a great use being made of Twitter.

Tweet Impact for @biblesummary #biblefresh

In July, I started working for CODEC (University of Durham, although thankfully I only have to commute to Premier Radio in London!).  My brief is to work with the text “Matthew for Everyone” by Tom Wright (former Bishop of Durham), to produce “blended learning” material (i.e. online/offline) to work with this text,  with the potential […]