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JISC Press Release: BiblioBoard

Looks like a good use of digital technology..

Lecturers, learners and researchers across the UK now have access to over 14,000 additional full text e-books and thousands of pages of primary source material on their tablets and mobile devices thanks to a new partnership agreement between Jisc Collections and BiblioLabs.

The partnership, which is rooted in pushing forward the digital humanities, will also empower subscribing institutions to make digital content from their internal repositories available to scholars and enthusiasts around the world.

The offer, called BiblioBoard, is available for subscription for education and research organisations. It offers two platforms to university libraries:

BiblioBoard Library is an award-winning content ecosystem that connects library patrons with digital archives from around the world. It includes over 14,000 e-books and consists of millions of pages of high-quality primary source content covering literature, philosophy, history, geography, science and more. In addition to the web version, BiblioBoard Library is available as a native application on a variety of popular tablets (iPad, Kindle Fire HD, Nook, Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy). Through a highly visual and intuitive interface it provides library patrons with curated multimedia collections that incorporate books, articles, images, audio and video.

biblioboardBiblioBoard Creator is an easy-to-use authoring tool that enables libraries to make available valuable digital assets in their internal repositories to others either for free or for sale via BiblioBoard Library.

Scott Gibbens, service representative at Jisc Collections says: “Jisc Collections considers this product a unique service to users, allowing them to access resources via an interface expertly designed for mobile devices.”

Mitchell Davis, BiblioLabs founder and chief business officer says: “BiblioBoard is a low cost alternative to historical databases from more traditional publishers. It allows university libraries to significantly increase their e-book collections and easily support growing demand for high fidelity tablet and mobile content. Historical books, articles, images, photographs, maps, pamphlets and documents, as well as streaming audio and video content have been expertly organised into anthologies. We are excited to be offering such a comprehensive tool set to push forward the Digital Humanities within UK institutions.”

The BiblioBoard Core content module has been expertly organised into more than 200 anthologies and will be updated with new anthologies quarterly. BiblioLabs currently offers two additional modules for purchase, African American History and Folk and Americana. Each features content from highly regarded museum collections. Additional modules will be available for purchase in the future, including Accessible Dissertations, Spanish Language History and Literature, Military History, and Women’s Studies.

Visit the Jisc Collections website for further details on subscription or contact Carolyn Morris,