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Always important to survey the field before committing further words to paper, so here’s the initial list of texts:

Interestingly, in Autumn earlier this year, there was a swathe of books on privacy.



Unpublished Sources

Manuscripts and Archives

Art Department, Imperial War Museum, London

Imperial War Museum Poster Database (Only available locally)

Original posters

Scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings: Abram Games, Artist ; ATS Glamour Girl History, 1939-1985; Edwin Embleton, Studio Director, Ministry of Information (1939-1947); F.H.K. Henrion, Artist ; Kenneth Bird (Fougasse), Artist

Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge

CHURCHILL, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer (1874-1965), Chartwell Trust Papers, 1874-1945. (CHAR)

House of Lords Record Office, London

Hist. Coll .184, Beaverbrook Papers

Hist. Coll. 270, Davidson Papers

Hist. Coll. 271, Davidson Papers

London Transport Museum, London

London Transport Poster Database (Only available locally)

Mass-Observation Archive, University of Sussex

Mass-Observation File Reports:

FR 2: Government Posters in Wartime: Effectiveness of Posters, October, 1939

FR 5: Six Railway Posters: Preferences in Design, October 1939

FR 116: US 16-17: Digging for Victory: War and the Churches; Health and War, May 1940

FR 193: A New Attitude to the Problems of Civilian Morale: The Home Front: Function of Propaganda Recommendations, June 1940

FR 283: Press Prestige: Distrust of Press, June 1940

FR 286: Prediction, restriction and jurisdiction: Enemy propaganda, control of rumour, restriction of civilian activity and reaction of public to new military-civil courts, p.6 missing, June 1940

FR 306: Testing the Slogan “Go To It!”: Propaganda to assist war production, June 1940

FR 442: Slogan: “Be Like Dad, Keep Mum”: Reactions, October 1940

FR 615: Why appeal to women?: Criticism of Bevin’s appeal to women to contribute to the war effort, March 1941

FR 673: Saturation of Instructions: Efficacy of Government propaganda, April 1941

FR 1536: Have you a mind of your own: Article by Kathleen Raine in Modern Woman about the influence of propaganda, December 1942

FR 1630: Various indirects collected during the week of 15 March 1943: Reports of informal conversations on Russia, General Giraud and General de Caulle, careless talk in hairdressers’ shops, March 1943

FR 1633: VD Publicity and the Press: Reactions to VD advertisements in the newspapers, March 1943

FR 1634: Fortnightly bulletin (4): Gandhi, the Beveridge Debate, Russia and morale, rumours and grumbles, March 1943

Mass-Observation Topic Collections:

TC 12: SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR 1939-50, Box 1

TC 13: HEALTH 1939-49, Box 1

TC 42: POSTERS 1939-47, Boxes 1 to 4

TC 43: PROPAGANDA AND MORALE 1939-44, Boxes 1 to 5

TC 75: INDUSTRY 1939-55, Box 3

National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Power of the Poster Information File, containing newspaper cuttings.

‘Edwin J Embleton 1907- Great Britain, Ministry of Information’, AAD/1996/4 – Archive of Art & Design. Entry in Public Access Catalogue. (Only available locally)

Prints Department, Victoria & Albert Musuem, London

Original posters

Public Record Office, London

Public Record Office Classifications:

AVIA 22: Ministry of Supply: Registered Files, 1934-1962

BW 8: British Council: Registered Files, West Africa, 1939-1949

CAB 16: Committee of Imperial Defence, Ad Hoc Sub-Committees: Minutes, Memoranda and Reports, 1905-1939

CAB 21: Cabinet Office and predecessors: Registered Files (1916 to 1965) 1916-1973

CAB 87: War Cabinet and Cabinet: Committees on Reconstruction, Supply and other matters: Minutes and Papers (RP, SLAO and other Series), 1941-1946

CAB 117: War Cabinet: Reconstruction Secretariat: Correspondence and Papers 1940-1945

HLG 7: Ministry of Health: Second World War Special Wartime Functions, Registered Files (LN and other series) and Papers 1925-1954

INF 1: Ministry of Information: Files of Correspondence, 1936-1950

INF 2: Ministry of Information and Central Office of Information: Guard Books and Related Unregistered Papers, 1939-1978

INF 3: Ministry of Information: Original Art Work, 1939-1946

INF 4: Ministry of Information and Predecessors: War of 1914 to 1918 Information Services, 1915-1943

INF 13: Ministry of Information and Central Office of Information: Posters and Publications, 1939-1988

LAB 8: Ministry of Labour and successors: Employment Policy, Registered Files (EM series and other series), 1907-1979

MAF 39: Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and predecessors: Establishment and Finance: Correspondence and Papers, 1839-1965

MAF 58: Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and predecessors: Agricultural Machinery Correspondence and Papers, 1920-1967

MAF 59: Board of Agriculture and successors: Women’s Land Army, 1916-1985

MAF 102: Ministry of Food: Services Department: Public Relations Group, 1938-1955

MH 55: Ministry of Health: Health Divisions: Public Health Services, Registered Files (93,000 Series) and Other Records, 1853-1970

MH 71: Ministry of Health: Various Committees’ Correspondence, Minutes and Reports, 1916-1958

MH 78: Ministry of Health and predecessors and successor: Establishment and Organization Files, 1862-1985

MH 101: Ministry of Health: War Diaries, Second World War, 1938-1946

MH 102: Home Office: Children’s Department: Registered Files (Six Figure Series), 1850-1971

PIN 8: Ministry of National Insurance and predecessors: Committee on Social Insurance and Allied Services Committee (Beveridge Committee), correspondence, papers and registered files (NI 99 series), 1939-1946

PREM 1: Prime Minister’s Office: Correspondence and Papers, 1916-1940, 1914-1940

RG 23: Government Social Survey Department: Social Survey: Reports and Papers, 1941-1978

T 161: Treasury: Supply Department: Registered Files (S Series), 1905-1961

Wellcome Institute, London

PP-JRH: James Randal Hutchinson (c.1880-1955) and William Henry Bradley (1898-1975) of the Ministry of Health.

SA-PVD: National Society for the Prevention of Venereal Diseases

SA-BSH: British Social Hygiene Council formerly The National Council for Combatting Venereal Diseases (f.1914 name changed 1925)


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Spiers, L.M., ‘An enquiry into the use of propaganda on the Home Front during World War Two with special reference to the role and effectiveness of the poster as a means of conveying Government policy’, University of Southampton (Winchester School of Art): Unpublished MA, 1998

Conference Papers and Lecture Notes

Darling, E., ‘“The Peckhamites are going all Nazi”: a new landscape of health in a south London street’,Re-Making Londoners: Models of a Healthy Society in the Nation’s Capital 1918-1939’, CMH Workshop, November 13 2002


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Woollard, M., ‘Databases for Historians Course’, Institute of Historical Research, February 7-11 2000

Published Sources

Printed Sources

Parliamentary Papers

Parliamentary Debates:

Hansard (August 1939-June 1945)

Newspapers and magazines


Advertising Review (1939-1940)

Advertiser’s Weekly (1939-1946)

Advertising Monthly (March-December 1939)

Advertising World (February 1939-September 1940)

Art and Industry (1939-1958)

Art and Craft Education (October 1936-August 1940)

Picture Post (July 1939-September 1945)

Press, Advertising and the Trade (September 1939-September 1940)


The Times (October 1939; February 1940; February 1941; January 1942)

Articles and Chapters

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Creative Commons Licence
The Planning, Design and Reception of British Home Front Propaganda Posters of the Second World War (PhD, 2004) by Dr Bex Lewis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

History Reviewer

Clark, T. Art and Propaganda London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1997

Aimed largely at the undergraduate market (unfortunately un-referenced), the book beings with a brief discussion of the connotations of the word ‘propaganda’: “For some ‘propaganda art’ is a contradiction in terms: ‘propaganda’ suggests government-sponsored censorship, intimidation and deception, while ‘art’ implies the pursuit of beauty, truth and freedom.”

Clark argues against this negative and unbalanced view, examining the complex relationship between art and politics, demonstrating how works of art can have a political purpose, and considering how particular art styles become associated with political systems.

Clark considers not only the state propaganda produced by the dictatorship states, but also deals with the question of propaganda as produced by democratic states, from the late 19th century to the 1990s

The image used on the front cover is one of the best remembered posters from the Second World War, and is contrasted in the book with a poster used in the First World War which highlights the differing roles of women during the world wars.

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Cantwell, J.D. Images of War: British Poster 1939-45 London: HMSO, 1989

The first half of the book contains some illustrations, but is largely text covering a brief history of the Second World War. Cantwell claims that “No British poster of the Second World War had the dramatic impact or the ensuring quality of Kitchener’s ‘Your Country Needs YOU’ in the First.” But many poster slogans have never been forgotten by those who lived through the war years, but most people who DIDN’T live through that time could name at least one or two poster slogans: ‘Careless Talk Costs Lives’, ‘Dig for Victory’, and ‘Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases’ – although I’m sure you can remember many more!

He claimed that “Visually, they cannot be regarded as great works of art; neither were they intended as such by the artists concerned, many of them distinguished within their own profession.” It was not only the message that was important, the posters also “tell us something about the prevailing manners and customs. They also mirror the changing fortunes of the war…”[p4]

The second half of the book is devoted to some of the many posters produced during the war, by the Ministry of Information, amongst others. The only shame is that with so many posters to choose from, and so little space, there are three or four series which are over-represented amongst the selection.

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Cantwell, J. The Second World War: A Guide to Sources London: PRO, 1998

This book is a really useful source to consider before you visit the Public Record Office on any project, whether personal or academic. If possible, use in conjunction with their online catalogue before you start any research. The book gives a very good idea of what is contained in the PRO, along with factual information about the Ministers of various departments, accompanied by several pages of information about the wartime roles of the various departments and ministries.