Bex’s Workplan for 2010/11 (revised)

So, my crazy timetable continues (I don’t want any more projects til next summer!). I’m enjoying everything I’m doing, and have even had to give up some things I love doing… very privileged for this year… who knows what next year will bring however… Over the past few months, since the last update: Made it […]

Focusing for October

So, this year, pretty much everything that I’m doing is digital, so I’m starting to be a bit more strategic about what I’m doing, and allowing my projects to inform each other…. I’m really looking forward to reading @unmarketing’s book (see right), as I’ve never been a fan of marketing, it’s always been about the […]

The BigBible Project; Housegroup… with a new media layer!

I have just written the following blog post to summarise the project that I am working on with CODEC this year… I came on board on the 1st July, working 2.5 days a week, and after looking around at the number of other projects that existed, and knowing that the book formed a central part […]

Social Media Boot Camp #dmingml

On Saturday, the Social Media Boot Camp was held at LICC, just off Oxford Street. I’m finding it really interesting working within both the Higher Education and the Christian sectors with regards to digital tools – both have groups who are keen to utilise the potential available with social media, both are pretty evangelistic about […]

New Site "Ready" for @bigbible

If you go to the page depicted above, you can find out all about the latest project that I’m involved in, and I’ve built this site over the past couple of days! My brief is to prepare online/offline materials for ‘The Big Read 2011‘, but also to look for ways to engage people further in […]