What’s up with Lent?

Last year was the first year that I really “did” anything for Lent, when I organised The Big Read 2011. I had watched (particularly non-Christian) friends giving things up, but not participating…

Lent is the time when we are preparing for Easter, which some have described as ‘New Year for Christians’ – when we remember the 40 days of preparation that Jesus spent in the desert:

Taken up for 2012?

This year, I am again running ‘The Big Read 2012‘. We had the materials prepared a lot sooner, and have prepared social media layers, so there’s more conversation – but a lot of it is still going on offline – people keep saying how wonderful it is – would love people to demonstrate that by partaking more online 🙂

Given up for 2012?

For a couple of months I’ve been trying to sort out my cupboards by eating up what’s in them, and increasing my “local” shopping, but still ending up at the supermarket with £100 trolley loads… which then don’t seem to add much to the choices in the cupboard (and I’m not feeling particularly flush in the pocket so need to save some ££)! So, for Lent, I’ve formalised that – no shopping in the big out of town supermarkets (and avoiding the in-town ones if possible).

  • Last Sunday I went to the Farmer’s Market & shot around – spending about £20 – not a huge amount of stuff, but very tasty!
  • Yesterday I made it into town, picking up milk in £land, £13 worth of fruits & veg from the marketstall (towards end of day, when they are down-pricing everything).. not sure if even then I don’t have too much
  • I seem to be whizzing around the country, so I have pre-cooked a load of meals yesterday to put in the freezer – as I don’t want to waste food either.

I’m thinking more about what I need, what I’m buying, and having a more interesting range of foods, as I had bought things meaning to try them, but it seemed easier to buy something else! Let’s see how we get on…