#BigRead13: Day 5: Confidence

So we had a slight issue with the website (it got hacked, but it’s back up, so this is being backdated…)… on #bigread13 we looked at 1 John 4:15 C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity “I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: I’m ready to accept Jesus […]

#BigRead13: Day 4: Path

So, it’s the weekend. I enjoyed my evening out yesterday evening – we weren’t particularly late – just what I needed! For some reason this morning, however, I woke up feeling really bleak – no idea why but depression just sucks … not necessarily a rhyme or reason .. I think I’m fortunate that I’m […]

#BigRead13: Day 3: Humour

I love today’s thought in #BigRead13 – the fact that whereas yesterday we had strong grief, today we have humour, laughter and all that comes with that! “For jokes as well as justice come with speech” New Living Translation (©2007) (Psalm 126:2) We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy. And the other […]

#BigRead13: Day 2: Sorrow

We’re still with The Magician’s Nephew today … and the image of Aslan with tears in his eyes alongside Digory: ‘My son, my son,’ said Aslan. ‘I know. Grief is great. Only you and I in this land know that yet. Let us be good to one another.” New Living Translation (©2007): Psalm 34:18 The LORD […]

#BigRead13 – Further Reflections

So, looking around on Lent stuff that’s appearing all over the web – I still want to find ways to bring it all together … the web allows us both to be super-niche (which seems to be current model) or really make an impact by getting all together… #NotBusy So – I sat still for […]