#EmptyShelf17 #26: Becoming Reverand by @revmattwoodcock

Becoming Reverend: A diary by Matt Woodcock My rating: 4 of 5 stars I met Matt whilst teaching MediaLit at Cranmer Hall a few years ago – he made a comment about how pimped up my laptop was (it was a chrome covered HP) … He’s certainly a larger than life character and starting the […]

#EmptyShelf17 #19 Philomena by Martin Sixsmith

Philomena by Martin Sixsmith My rating: 5 of 5 stars A powerful book, less about Philomena than about her son, dealing with some of the most challenging aspects of state religion/politics in the 20th C. One thought that wouldn’t go away though, is his legal legacy Trump?! View all my reviews

#EmptyShelf 2016 #2: @SuePerkins – Spectacles

I received Sue Perkins Spectacles: A Memoir (Penguin, 2015) for Christmas, and I enjoyed reading it over the course of the last couple of evenings (before term kicks in, and I end up reading seminar-prep books instead!). Right from the off, you could hear gentle giggles as I read my way through this book – as […]

About @ww2Poster

Extracts from the original page from @ww2poster blog: This blog was designed to complement a website, created in 1997, constructed as an electronic resource to gather data and disseminate the research-in-progress for my PhD: “The Planning, Design and Reception of British Home Front Propaganda Posters of the Second World War.” In 2010, the blog and the […]

Cult of personalities @timeshighered

This looks like an interesting article in the Times Higher Education today, re the growth of biography to respectable levels. I’m curious to see who they are biographies of, and what determines someone as a subject worthy of attention: As the social science model of history has been overtaken by events, biography has grown as […]