Blog Action Day: SFDO

Super Fun Days Out snuck in at the last minute (literally, in UK time). I’d done my blog entry for this blog, and then thought – there’s quite a lot of adrenalin/extreme sports that people can undertake without impacting too much upon the environment, so I pulled together an entry that went live at 11.59pm […]

Blog Action Day: Update

At 18:45 BST, this was the number of ¬†blogs participating, and the potential number of people who could be reached! Even Gordon Brown is blogging in aid of Blog Action Day! It’s still not too late to join in – I’m not sure at what point it stops being the 15th October anywhere in the […]

Blog Action Day: Climate Change

So, here we are, Blog Action Day, and just how many people are blogging about the same topic today?! When I signed up, there were 2,679 sites registered (including the official Google Blog, and Mashable – both sites with HUGE audiences), with an expected reach of 9,010,355 readers! I thought I’d do what I’m best […]

Blog Action Day: October 15

What a great idea! I was just reading the blog of ‘Socks for Happy People’ (what a great concept in itself, and I’ve been watching it’s development with interest), and I thought what a great use for mass social action. Social Media is still rather in an experimental phase, so it’s interesting to see what […]