[BLOGPOST] Trending, in Children’s Apps for @GuardiansAncora

I put together some material for Guardians of Ancora, an online game for children, last year. It starts: In a recent radio interview, it was noted that often the first thing that children do when they arrive at a new house is ask for the Wi-Fi passcode. Gaming is something that children love to engage […]

[BLOG] The Big Bible Project

In 2010, following conversations on social media, and after attending #DigiSymp, I was asked to use Tom Wright’s Lent for Everyone: Matthew and “do something digital” with it. Following ‘The Big Read 2009’ in the North-East, we took the project national for 2010, and sought to blend conversations online/offline through housegroup/online materials. Knowing that many in […]

[BLOG] drbexl.co.uk Dr Bex Lewis: Polymath

drbexl is a site built upon WordPress, and contains personal information, including my employment history, but also where I blog and link to any number of things that I find interesting, want to support, or just generally want to witter (and Twitter) on about. There’s no set schedule for updating, and it functions largely as a […]

Blog at Fault?

Interesting story noted in Times Higher Education, likely to be used by many as an explanation of why people shouldn’t blog about professional work… but if this is related to the blog, the blog is not at fault. Think before you post is the key lesson… A university spokeswoman would not comment on why Ms Fowler had […]

Unsensational News @timeshighered

The primary interface between academia and the media is the university press office. Press relations officers – often former journalists – are tasked with repackaging academic research into bite-sized chunks that can be fed whole to hungry reporters. Their goal is both to disseminate knowledge and to increase the university’s profile among the public and, […]