Nick Griffin (BNP) On Question Time

Jack Straw [on Winston Churchill being ‘hijacked by the BNP’]: “It’s certainly not fair and one of the extraordinary things about the second world war and the first world war is not only that we fought Nazism in the second world war and defeated it, a party and an ideology based on race just like another party represented here based on race fundamental to its constitution and it’s that difference by the way, the fact that the BNP defines itself on race which distinguishes it from any other political party I can think of.

“We only won the first World War and only won the Second World War because we were joined in those wars by millions of black and Asian people from around the world.”

Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin: “I say that Churchill would belong in the British National Party because no other party would have him what he said in the early days on mass immigration into this country, or the fact that ‘they’re only coming for our benefit system’ and for the fact that in his younger days he was extremely critical of the dangers of fundamentalist slam in a way which would now be described as Islamophobic. I believe that the whole of the effort of the second world war and the first was designed to protect British sovereignty, British freedom which Jack Straw’s government are now giving away lock stock and barrel to the EU and to prevent this country being invaded by foreigners. Finally my father was in the RAF during the second WW while Mr Straw’s father was in prison for refusing to fight Adolf Hitler.

“Mr Straw was attacking me and I’ve been relentlessly attack over the last few days, my father was in the RAF during the second World War, I am not a Nazi. I never have been.””

Key Quotes as listed by the BBC. Still plenty of debate likely to continue online afterwards.


Another BNP Poster: What Would Jesus Do?

As I’m working my way through “What Would Google Do?“, and spotting those reuses of other posters… discussing with others how the BNP have taken on board the Keep Calm and Carry On message… I received a copy of this blog entry by the Unfinished Christian (aren’t we all?!), extract:

“The poster has been condemned by various church groups and in West Yorkshire the Ecumenical Council has mounted a counter campaign with the slogan- “Use your cross- Vote for hope in Yorkshire” to mobilise voters to keep out the BNP saying; ” The Christian vision of society is one where each person is treated with dignity and respect, whatever their face or religion. It is a vision of hope.” Christ’s message was indeed one of hope, love, inclusion and justice.  Jesus suggested that loving God and our neighbours as ourselves was central to his outlook on how we should live our lives if we were serious about bringing in his kingdom, so let’s check these things out in the BNP manifesto for the Euro elections.”