#DigitalParenting: Book Launch @StJohnsCollege

Most of my Durham supporters were unable to make it to London for the official book launch, so thank you to David Goodhew for organising a Durham book launch, at which many of the people who supported me, celebrated the media coverage and book sales that have already been achieved. Privileged to have been introduced […]

Book Launch: ‘Raising Children in a Digital Age’ #DigitalParenting

So, I may have published three book chapters before, but finally, the first full book is out there. Many say they will do such a thing, few make it! It was therefore good to celebrate at Westminster Central Hall with friends, family and others. See full photos on Digital Fingerprint. Image credit: Mark Dodgeon

#DigitalParenting Book Launch

We were hosted by Central Hall Westminster (easy access for MPs and journalists) for the official launch of Raising Children in a Digital Age: Enjoying the Best, Avoiding the Worst. Thanks to all who came! Photo by @drbattytowers Photo by @vicky_walker (stall hosted by Church House bookshop) Photo by @RevArun, being introduced by @pmphillips Photo by @md1793, […]

Book Launch: Oluyinka Esan: Nigerian Television: Fifty Years of Television in Africa

On the evening of Wednesday 16th December, I attended the Nigerian High Commission for the launch of Dr Oluyinka Esan’s book Nigerian Television: Fifty Years of Television in Africa, which places a small segment of her doctoral thesis within easier reach of the public. Oluyinka doesn’t have particular contacts within the Embassy, she stressed, but […]