#EmptyShelf18: August Reads

In August I read: Crown of Laurel by Lucy Gordon My rating: 3 of 5 stars I don’t know quite what I thought of this book – I thought it was very well written – but heavy on the sex scenes. I’d picked it up because the cover looked like a Georgette Heyer book … […]

#EmptyShelf2018: June Reads

So in June I read the following: The Cancer Survivor’s Companion: Practical Ways to Cope with Your Feelings After Cancer by Frances Goodhart My rating: 5 of 5 stars I’m wavering between 4-5 for this book – I can’t think what I’d do differently, but also didn’t underline loads of stuff! The general feeling that […]

#EmptyShelf18: May 2018

There Is No Good Card for This: What To Say and Do When Life Is Scary, Awful, and Unfair to People You Love by Kelsey Crowe My rating: 5 of 5 stars I have really enjoyed receiving cards by one of the authors of this book, and always wanted to read the book. Found it […]

#EmptyShelf18: February Reads

Sleeping a lot more as we get towards the end of chemotherapy … according to GoodReads, I’m still ‘currently reading’ 49 books, but here’s the four I finished in February: The Angry Chef: Bad Science and the Truth about Healthy Eating by Anthony Warner My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is one of those […]

#EmptyShelf18: January Reads

I’m keeping my #EmptyShelf18 reads simple this year. I’ll read, post short reviews on Goodreads (which shows that I currently have 49 books on the go, and over 700 on my shelves awaiting reading), and then once a month, post a digest of reviews on my blog. Aiming for 40 full books this year… How […]