#DigitalParenting: Full Draft Submitted

So, the book was originally due end of May, then I set another deadline for last Tuesday, then yesterday, then tonight. It definitely needs more work, but it also needs reading by the editor, and it is a FULL DRAFT, if not a finished draft! Honestly, in my mind it was rather like the Moonwalk. […]

#DigitalParenting: Shaheen Shariff: Truths & Myths of Cyber-Bullying

Book Cover

Shaheen Shariff & Andrew H. Churchill (Eds) Truths and Myths of Cyber-bullying: International Perspectives on Stakeholder Responsibility and Children’s Safety (2009) Edited by Canadians, drawing upon authors from across the globe – more detailed than many may want, and with a particular focus upon the role of educational institutions, but lots of really interesting content. The core argument is that […]

#DigitalParenting: Marcus Leaning: The Internet, Power & Society

Marcus Leaning: The Internet, Power and Society: Rethinking the Power of the Internet to Change Lives (2009) I used to chat to Marcus a lot as we taught the course ‘Manipulating Media’ together at Winchester. He draws on a huge range of studies to consider how there have been feelings that daily life will be transformed/improved through use […]

#DigitalParenting: Michael Carr-Gregg "Real Wired Child"

Michael Carr-Gregg is an Australian Psychologist with much experience of working with children. This book was written (in 2007)  with the support of the Australian police – nice simple read with a lot of practical advice, but no screen-shots (as digital changes too fast). The book is generally written from a positive perspective, assuming that […]

[BOOK] Digital Parenting

Earlier this month I signed a contract with Lion Hudson to write a 45k word-text with the working title of ‘Parenting in a Digital Age’, building upon the kind of work that I do in my Social Media for the Scared course. I will be crowdsourcing a lot of the material in a Facebook group, […]