University Branding?

Really interesting piece in Times Higher Education about Universities and branding (or propaganda!): Although I hate much of the jargon of branding – “positioning”, “differentiation”, “USP” – I believe that the discipline of branding is a good thing for any organisation. It’s a good thing because trying to build a brand forces you to answer some fundamental […]

Non-Coporate Mavericks on Branding?

Ha, seen this in action: Branding conference delegates warned of dangers of breakaway groups. David Matthews reports Universities must rein in departments or schools that create different “sub-brands” for themselves or they risk diluting their overall identity, a senior lecturer in marketing has warned. Chris Chapleo, of Bournemouth University, told a conference on university branding […]

University Websites?

Do universities need to work harder on their websites? Universities’ messages were clear and lacked jargon, but they were often unfocused and hard to find, said Jim Bodoh, a brand consultant at Radley Yeldar who led the study. Institutions also did little to explain what they offer or substantiate their claims, he added. “The best […]

Branding and Perception in #highered

I’m interested in branding, but truly believe that a brand has to represent authentically what something is about… can consultants who are not at the centre of a brand really help… Times Higher Education has an article which indicates… not: Paul Temple, reader in higher education management at the Institution of Education, has argued that although […]

Checking out @Distinct_in_HE

Tricia Scott, research leader for the project, said that universities had to discover and communicate the “core” of what they do. But at the moment, she said, “we all use exactly the same words” and many mission statements resembled a “horse designed by a committee”. “If you look at mission statements in the sector, you […]