Today’s email has a call to be vulnerable, to be fully incarnate (part of the world) … When the Word becomes flesh and lives among us, we see this in action, in the practical wonder of Incarnation. God is willing not just to touch but to be touched by humanity. Cradled, nurtured, raised. He will laugh, and weep; love, and be scarred. […]

#AdventBookClub: Anna

Luke 2:36-38 I love the way this first chapter has been written, as a life story (and I’m always a bit of a sucker for those), knowing that ‘today’ she has met the Light of the World. Anna, an old lady, widowed early, who sits in the Temple day and night (seen as a bit of […]

#Advent20: No Light without Dark (@BrianDraper)

Brian describes how we often view the dark as ‘bad’, but the light as ‘good’, but: We need darkness. Imagine if there were no sunsets, no chance to see the last colours of the afternoon flare and fade, or to feel the first cool breeze of the evening after a hot day, or to see the first […]

Stephen Cottrell ‘Walking Backwards to Christmas’ #adventbookclub

If you’ve never joined an online book club, well, there’s still time. Pam Webster has pulled together material for #adventbookclub, drawing on Stephen Cottrell’s Walking Backwards to Christmas, published by SPCK. I have written in the diary to read a chapter every couple of days, but last night I read the introduction. Recently I went to see […]

#BigRead13: Day 20: Humility

#LentPhotos: A Journey Well, that’s an easy one – almost exactly 24 hours ago I took this photo as we prepared for 9ish hours back to the UK – thankfully I slept for most of it (good journey in my books), and watched Life of Pi #BigRead13 Thoughts C.S. Lewis, The Horse and His Boy Bree. “Slavery […]