Freeman, R.A. Britain at War 1990

To describe this book as a ‘scrapbook’ is oversimplifying it rather a lot! There is a lot of good quality text also within this work, although the information is not referenced! The book IS aimed at the younger reader, or those with a general interest, and is well illustrated with many well-known (and not so […]

Seduction or Instruction?: First World War Posters in Britain and Europe

Jim Aulich & John Hewitt (2007) “This book makes a critical and historical analysis of the public information poster and its graphic derivatives in Britain and Europe during the First World War. Governments need public support in time of war. The First World War was the first international conflict to see the launch of major […]

War in the Fields and Villages: The County War Agricultural Committees in England, 1939–45

Author: Brian Short Date: October 2007 Source: Rural History / Volume 18 / Issue 02 / October 2007 pp 217-244 State intervention in the United Kingdom’s farming industry was necessitated by the problems of the interwar depression and the lead up to World War Two and the emergency wartime food programme. This brought the need for greater bureaucratic machinery which would […]