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Open Farm Sunday 2010

Are you wondering what to do on Sunday 13th June 2010?! Wonder no more. The event ‘Open Farm Sunday‘, run by ‘Linking the Environment and Farming‘, has been running since 2006. Farmers who are enthusiastic about ensuring that their farming practices are the best for the environment open their farms to the public for a free day out. What’s available on each farm varies, but my brother, who has been running an event on his farm since 2007, has brought in other farmers so the widest range of animals can be seen, including bulls, sheep, chicken, calves, cows being milked… along with tractor rides around the fields, and food such a a hog roast (very tasty!)… read my niece’s ‘Press Pack’ report from 2009 (and the farm experiments with Facebook for 2010).


Open Farm Sunday, 7th June 2009

LEAF: ‘Linking the Environment and Farming’
LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) was set up in 1991. At that time, the gap between consumers and farmers was getting wider and the need to meet and understand both sides of the debate was essential. For the first time a group of farmers, environmentalists, food and agricultural organisations, consumers, government and academics got together to do something positive for the farming industry.

They were motivated by a common concern for the future of farming and keen to develop a system of farming which was realistic and achievable for the majority of farmers. Based on work in Germany that had been carried out since 1986, LEAF was established to develop and promote Integrated Farm Management.

Open Farm Sunday
Open Farm Sunday is a fantastic opportunity for everyone, young and old to enjoy the living, vibrant countryside. Take time to listen to the birds, soak up the scenery, experience the smells of the farmyard and really get in touch with the land that feeds us. Discover at first hand what it means to be a farmer and taste the produce. So come and feed your senses on Open Farm Sunday.

Each event will be unique with its own activities – based around the host farm’s own individual story. Activities during the day may include a farm walk, nature trail, tractor & trailer rides, pond dipping, activities for kids, mini farmers market or picnics.


Open Farm Sunday Training

My brother, Tim Lewis, has been so successful in previous years of Open Farm Sunday that his farm was used as a training venue in preparation for the 2009 event, on 7th June. The 2007 event was great, 2008 was even better, and I can’t go this year either… but you can!