#BLGEW15 ‘Profit with a Purpose

This evening I attended this – and have just collected all tweets from the evening: [View the story “#BLGEW15 ‘Profit with Purpose’ Seminar” on Storify]

Digital Archives

Digital content has been around for 20+ years, and is now formally being collected. All British print publications have been held by the libraries since 1662. But from today, says Lucie Burgess, the library’s head of content strategy, this has been extended “to capture the digital universe as well”. The 4.8 million websites using the […]

The British Library and Data

The British Library is rising to the challenges posed by the creative chaos of the digital age, says outgoing chief executive Lynne Brindley The banking system may have lost public trust, but great libraries such as the British Library, which contain the DNA of civilisation, have the public interest built into their core values. Those […]

Digitisation of Newspapers

http://www.flickr.com/photos/32104790@N02/4051917129/ As someone who spent hours and hours in the Newspaper archives at Colindale, this is exceptionally good news. It’s also interesting to see that the documents are not being scanned simply as electronic-paper, but there are plans to use that digital information to create an ‘encyclopedia of memory’, a ‘national memory’. Interestingly, the project is […]

A grounding in gadgets (with @aleksk)

The British Library’s new researcher-in-residence will use both her media and academic expertise, writes Hannah Fearn With an enviable career as a television presenter and popular technology pundit, entry into the academy seemed an unlikely path for Aleks Krotoski. But a year after completing a PhD at the University of Surrey, she has found the […]