7 reasons to keep calm and carry on

1.  Decorum. Because a hubbub or a brouhaha would be unseemly. 2.  Because You’re British. It’s what’s expected of you.  It’s what comes naturally.  Your reaction to an unforeseen and potentially frightening event should be one of unflappable fortitude and apparent indifference.  No flapping.  Got that? 3.  Consequences. If you should flap then someone with a plummy voice […]

McLaine, I. Ministry of Morale: Home Front Morale and the Ministry of Information in World War Two London: George Allen & Unwin, 1979

A key work for this project which fully considers the administrative history of the Ministry of Information, the lead government department for propaganda. He argues that for two years, the measures taken by government propagandists were: Unnecessary and inept Based on misunderstanding and distrust of the British public Products of the class and background of […]