Supporting British Farmers

British Farmers Need Our Support (October 2008) What is the best way to support British Farmers? (April 2008) Campaign for British Farmers to get a Fair Deal (October 2007) Check out how British Farmers are working with the environment, and opening their farms to you (annually, June) The supermarkets are now stocking more and more […]

Best of British: Past and Present

One for the nostalgics… interesting to see how history is reconstructed, especially in a magazine which is popular overseas! “The UK’s best-read nostalgia monthly: Founded in 1995, Best of British celebrates our glorious past – and all that’s best about Britain today. The blend of cherished memories from yesteryear with features celebrating the people and […]

Philip M. Taylor: ‘The Projection of Britain: British Overseas Publicity and Propaganda, 1913-1939, with particular reference to the work of the news department of the Foreign Office’

Taylor, P.M., ‘The projection of Britain: British overseas publicity and propaganda, 1914-1939, with particular reference to the work of the news department of the Foreign Office.’ PhD, completed 1978, Leeds University No abstract Published Works: British Propaganda in the Twentieth Century Munitions of the Mind Britain and the Cinema in the Second World War Steven […]


Including a look at the history of the poster in general, this dissertation concentrates upon some of the posters that the British government produced for the Home Front in the Second World War. It tries to comprehend whether the government attached any importance to such posters, any steps that were consequently taken to ensure that […]