[CANCER] Treatment 5/6 Have Happened

So, I last blogged in Week 4 of treatment (out of 18, for this first run) … I rechecked the maths for 18 weeks, which I thought was the week before Christmas, but it’s actually w/c 7th December.. so HOPEFULLY (if COVID hasn’t messed too much with treatment), I will know before Christmas whether treatment […]

[CANCER] Week 2 of Treatment … Resting AND Seeking to be #BusyLivingWithMets

Another week has passed since I last blogged about treatment – and I guess this is going to start getting repetitive, but at the moment, things are still changing… if more slowly! Friday/Saturday Gentle days – Friday/Saturday felt like all the energy had leached out of my body (that may be the sudden drop off […]

[CANCER] A totally rubbish turn of events…

So, the other week I was getting my biopsy sorted, and we thought we knew where we were heading for next steps for cancer treatment. Cancer, however, doesn’t seem to like being predictable – and having gone from NEAD (No Evidence of Active Disease) and clear scans, to ‘a mass’ somewhere around my sternum (which […]

[CANCER] Yes, It’s Back Again :-(

Well, so much for getting at least 2 years, and hopefully 5 years on Herceptin and Perjeta. Apparently the cancer is back – and this time it’s in my sternum and chest lymph nodes – to be honest I haven’t got loads of information in my head as, after the clear bloods/X-Ray scan from New […]