[CANCER] Treatment in the Midst of #COVID19

Some days I feel lucky – I am receiving excellent treatment on the NHS (and having had to pay for treatment in New Zealand, it made me extra grateful), and, so far as we know, there’s no progression at the moment, so I’m not having to have any of the super-high risk treatments such as […]

[LIFE/CANCER] 6 Weeks in New Zealand

So, we’re over 2 weeks into lockdown in New Zealand (and since I last wrote). I don’t know about you, but I’m still feeling so tired and weighed down…. I feel super grateful that I’m safe, looked after, and it looks like I can get all my meds here (even if I have to pay […]

[LIFE] A Week In New Zealand

This time last week, I was still rushing around doing last minute work tasks, and thinking again ‘have I got everything I need, and, more to the point, what have I got that I don’t need’ – whilst wondering if the Coronavirus is going to mess anything up … but the flights were go… go… […]

[CANCER] A Life Update

I met with my oncologist about 3 weeks ago, and life has continued to be cancer-busy, as I’ve continued to try to get my head round what has happened to me (not sure this will ever quite happen!). Since then I’ve met up with a few friends, been to see my parents, and then a […]