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Lim Teoh – Screencasting

I attended a BLS lunchtime seminar which gave an overview of Blended Learning activities ongoing in the Faculty.

Lim Teoh has been investigating the use of screencasting to provide feedback (I would think of JING for this, but max 5 minute screencast, Camstudio offers longer, but bit more complicated)

  • Complaints timeliness of return of feedback, ESP large cohorts
  • Stannard 2007, Brick & Holmes 2008 – screencast more intrreresting & personal.
  • Coursework & assessment – anti-plagiarism – groups of 2. 10 assessments. Diff qus – students not aware of that. Reflect on challenges with work/group working, how they reflect on their feedback.
  • Online submission through Moodle. Marks using comment field
  • CamStudio, Screentoaster, free, good quality. sendspace. Large files – ITS tried to compress but not good quality. Requires code to see data. Questionnaire on Moodle – save time.
  • 1 week design coursework. Download & mark 2.5 week. Record 1.5 weeks. Lots of positive feedback, clearly defines what is missing from criteria.
  • Survey – control qu – did u listen? Positive feedback – more personal – clarified more. Mostly prepared to wait for better material. Some don’t mind just audio, most want video, ideal 2-5 minutes.