Can (women) have it all?

Interesting article re: whether women (or anyone) can have it all in a culture which is “always on”: Last month, a predictable storm erupted in response to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s confessional in Atlanticmagazine. “Women Still Can’t Have It All,” she declared, explaining why she had given up her dream job in the State Department to spend more […]

Academic Career or Plan B?

Story in Times Higher Education this week has attracted MANY comments already… it starts: Universities benefit from the large pool of cheap labour provided by PhD students and postdocs, but there aren’t enough academic jobs to go around, so young scholars should prepare for the possibility of a future outside the academy, one postdoc advises Not everyone […]

Academics: Needing to be Careless?

In an article largely focused on the difficulties of couples involved in academic work, and the need to live miles (sometimes continents) apart … which indicates that to truly be an ‘exceptional academic’ there may be a need to be without dependents: In 2010, Kathleen Lynch, professor of equality studies at University College Dublin, wrote […]

Learning and Teaching Excellence Centres: Any Value?

Hmmm, I work in the Learning and Teaching Development Unit. I wonder how much impact we’ve had…. The Times Higher Education doesn’t feel much over the past few years: Negotiations and consultations with a powerful, self-regarding sector led to a different outcome altogether. The universities lobby succeeded in transforming the idea of extra payments to excellent […]

Can we take the creative industries seriously?

Working in the creative industries… where most of us work because “we love it”, but end up with long houses, poor pay, lack of benefits, ‘sacrificial ethos’ … recognising that. Here Professor Rosalind Gill calls for a more sustainable model: Society needs to look beyond the images of “cool”, “unconventional” creative workers and find better […]