[ACADEMIC] Membership of Centre for Decent Work and Productivity @mmu_decentwork

I’m pleased to have been invited to join Manchester Metropolitan University’s new Centre for Decent Work and Productivity:

Work that is both decent for workers and productive for organisations, is vital to the success of any good society. Our research centre builds knowledge about the relationship between work quality and performance, and how these can be aligned.

We tackle the key question: “What is, and what causes, decent work and productivity?” through our four knowledge platformsThe knowledge platforms also address the seven challenges, which we believe decent work and productivity face.

  1. The Changing Nature of Work

  2. Workplace Wellbeing

  3. Vulnerable Workers in Employment and Self-Employment

  4. Creating Greater Diversity and Social Mobility in the Workplace

  5. Generating Decent and Productive Work in Small Enterprises

  6. Designing Decent and Productive Work in Health and Social Care

  7. Using Knowledge to Generate Decent Work and Productivity For All

My primary affiliation is with Work and Working Lives: ‘This platform is interested in managing people, worker voice, wellbeing at work, pay and reward, and regulation of work’, related to wellbeing at work in a digital age. I have a secondary affiliation with the Sylvia Pankhurst Gender and Diversity Research Centre: ‘This platform is interested in gender, sexuality, black and minoritised ethnic workers, age, class and caste’, especially related to women in leadership.