Switching Research Fields?

I thought this was a great quote on change: “if you always follow the beaten track you may well find that all the grass has already been eaten”, in an article in Times Higher Education, with Nancy Rothwell. As someone who officially originated from “history”, but has also engaged with Education Studies, Media Studies, American Studies, […]

Catching Up 'Levers of Change' with @jamesclay #JISCEL12

Levers of Change – seeing similarities with steam engines … Some levers make sense – move forward, it moves forward Some don’t have obvious sense Some are out of our control – e.g. points can take us in different directions 3 Questions for this session: What causes change? What can we do to instigate change? […]

Making Management #altc2011

First up, Dr Bex Lewis, with ‘Getting in on the Twitter Action? Using Twitter to build your professional network’. University of Plymouth (Janice Gibbs, Neil Witt) ‘Learning Technologists’ is a TEQF – hangover… But money has gone!! Learning Technologists: taken a long time to see past the technology/tied into ‘pedagogic problem to solve’ – here’s […]


Dear all I am currently moving this site to a new host. The nameservers are resetting themselves, and hopefully it will change overnight, so I can refresh in the morning, but we’ll have to see. Meantime, be aware that it may suddenly switch to an empty WordPress space… the new materials will be here soon… […]

Change Happens

Great new video… Thanks to @JohnnyLaird for bringing it to my attention.