[RESEARCH REPORT] Connected Kids by @Childwise

I used some the Childwise data quite extensively in my research for Raising Children in a Digital Age, so keen to read this report once I get a chance: Our latest Special Report – Connected Kids, highlights the progressions of the last 20 years, using past data to make predictions of how children will interact with […]

#DigitalParenting: Childwise Monitor Special Report 2010: Digital Lives

The report starts with: Today’s young children are born into a digital world, and have never known a time without the Internet affecting all aspects of their daily life. Multi-platform access to a whole range of material blurs the distinction between the real and virtual world, and between different delivery channels, giving an extra dimension […]

#DigitalParenting: The Monitor Report 2011-12: Children’s Media Use and Purchasing

There is a newer report that was released earlier this year, but unfortunately the British Library doesn’t have it yet, and at £2k to buy…  This report was released in January 2012, when latest payment packages for broadband and mobile phones removed “constraints that previously held back access, and ever-lower prices for laptops, tablets and […]