[PROJECT] Working with Manchester City Football Club to understand ‘Chinese Audiences’

There has recently been a piece in The Conversation looking at the place of Chinese Football Clubs:  Four years ago, President Xi Jinping had just proclaimed his desire for China to become one of the world’s leading football nations. This sparked a transfer frenzy among Chinese Super League clubs, resulting in players from Europe and South America […]

Chinese Politeness & Education

A really interesting piece about the culture in Chinese universities: Respect, in this instance, simply means having regard for those who know more than them. In the West, putting intellectual pressure on students can be dubbed “bullying”; here in China, they expect you to expect the best of them. In fact, most of my students […]

Social Media and State Control in China

Interesting insight into China’s social media: That is true. However, on 4 and 5 May, posts featuring the words “Zhu Ling” or “Thallium” on Sina Weibo, a Chinese Twitter-like social media platform, were censored, and a similar keyword search via the search engine Baidu.com did not generate much information. I asked the student whether he […]

Appropriate use of Maoist Poster?

“But how much laughter would there have been if Powershop had dressed them up as Brownshirts or SS Guards? The free pass given to one particular breed of homicidal totalitarians continues. And it continues today on Air New Zealand’s Grab-A-Seat website. I’m sure Air New Zealand wouldn’t countenance displaying a Nazi propaganda poster extolling “Blood, […]