Whole Life: Whole Bible @Ant_Billington @LICCLtd [Review]

Survey after survey in recent years – carried out with people in churches, leaders and non-leaders, as well as non-church people – has confirmed that there is an increasing lack of biblical literacy in the church, not only in society more generally. The surveys reveal that the vast majority of people in churches feel positive […]

Book Review: Christianity with Attitude by Giles Fraser

Giles Fraser, of the liberal tradition, is a passionate and outspoken figure. With arguments that are”accessible to the suspicious secularist”, he is inspired by the fiery language of the Bible in which writers believed in what they said as if their lives depended upon it. As the back cover says here “he gets to theological […]

Book Review: Longing for More by Ruth Haley Barton

I read this book right-through on my return from my travels round the world, as I looked for a way to re-connecting with living a life more real for God for the previous 6 weeks spiritual study/sermons has pretty much gone out the window as I gorged myself on Latin American scenery – and I […]