[MEDIA] Talking Google Home and Jesus Christ with @PremierRadio

I got a call from Premier Radio this morning, asking if I’d seen the stories that Google Home doesn’t know who Jesus is, but does know who Buddha, Mohammed are, etc. I had quick trawl around the internet, and a bit of Facebook conversation (only visible to ‘friends’), this video demonstrates it quite well: That […]

#Emptyshelf17 #22 Life Hurts by Elizabeth McNaught

Life Hurts by Elizabeth McNaught My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is not a particularly long book, but packed with interesting insights from the perspective of a survivor (although as she says still an ongoing battle) who is now a Dr. I have known Lizzie’s dad for years so saw the book appear in […]

#Emptyshelf17 #20 Home by @JoSwinney

Home: the quest to belong by Jo Swinney My rating: 5 of 5 stars I first heard that Jo was writing this book last year, when she saw a blogpost I’d written for Amy http://www.amyboucherpye.com/2016/05/…. I’ve read this book mostly on the train, and have really enjoyed the mix of personal story (both Jo’s own […]