The Gathering, Church in a Pub (2009)

The Gathering: An Experiment in Church At North Winchester Community Church we’ve been discussing the idea of a ‘new’ type of service, once a month, on Sunday evening’s, around the theme of a Pub Church (within the style of Fresh Expressions). So, welcome to “The Gathering“, to which you can find out more details on […]


“tangle is the new name of GodTube, our video-file sharing company. GodTube began as the dream of a small handful of individuals, the dream for a faith-based, family friendly network where people of all ages and backgrounds could come together in connection, bonded by a shared faith and love for Christ. It was a dream […]

Christ Church Winchester (2002-2005)

Over a period of two years, and as my knowledge of web design improved, I developed various drafts of a new site design for the Church which I attended. I wanted to the site to be accessible to the entire congregation, and also of interest to those who may be interested in the church and […]