Posters, in the Virtual Pulpit?

“Buses, bus stops, taxis, advertising hoardings: these are the new “virtual” pulpits of British religion.” (Times Online, 8th June) The intention in this advert as described by (and to us at the launch of #cmn10)  was: The Intention of This Poster Francis Goodwin, a founder member of, said: “This is the kind of […]

January 4th

Don’t worry, I’ll get bored of this soon, or start drowning in other work, but so far today I have written an AimHigher session, finished an exam paper, rang the tax office (one of those calls which has moved daily across Outlook), chased up an insurance claim, taken delivery of a (very powerful, especially when […]

Panto: The Three Musketeers

Tonight, for a little bit of time out from the everyday attachment to my computer, I went to NWCC‘s annual pantomime, written, directed and front-performed by David Simpkin (currently studying at the University of Winchester for an MPhil/PhD entitled “‘An analysis of the ways in which amateur pantomime in performance relates to the community for […]

Politically Correct Christmas

Councils are turning into politically correct Scrooges… so the celebration of Halloween, etc. is to be encouraged, as are celebrations of other religions (e.g. Diwali, Eid, etc.), but not Christmas. As a Christian I don’t mind that other religions continue their traditions, and find it offensive that they are required to stop events that are […]