Christmas Keep Calm and Carry On Style?!

I’m not sure that I’m bothering with Christmas Cards this year (I usually do an e-card, and then a handful of cards for people who are not online/who I won’t see… otherwise where do you stop with the writing of cards – it just goes crazy). Christmas is about more than cards, food, etc. (30 […]

Winchester’s Christmas Lights Go Up

The Christmas lights for Winchester will be lit up tonight, and here’s a heartfelt observation (with which I largely agree) by a student at the University of Winchester: WINOL:¬†Are we destroying Christmas? Ben Stein, Jewish Actor, is purported to have said the following: Herewith at this happy time of year, a few confessions from my […]

Happy Christmas

As I disappear offline for the Christmas period, wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas for 2008, and a great start to 2009!