[EVENT] The MediaNet Church and Media Network Conference #CMC18

My only contribution to this year’s Church and Media Network Conference, held yesterday in London, was through a podcast prior to the event, but it’s always great to be able to follow an event via Twitter – so I’ve collected the tweets here (just under 200):

Twitter @ The MediaNet

“I upgraded my naff LG phone to a shiny new Samsung Android the other week and got very excited over the Twitter application. I wasn’t bothered about the actual phone bit of my new toy! As a Twitter lover, nothing pleased me more than being able to use the social media giant properly in all […]

#cmn10, notes, day 3

The final day of the conference, a few rough notes! DAY 3 ChurchAds – new campaign. PANEL: BELIEVING IN BROADCASTING Tim Levell, Editor Blue Peter. (Lots of news experience) Start off – agree none of our faiths represented well enough (is this like always asking for more sweets). Fears that Christian characters will all be […]

#cmn10, notes, day 2

As before, my rough notes from the conference, with bits added in as I think of them… Prof. Tony Campolo, Prof Sociology, activist, Evangelical Democrat… The Fundamentals of the Christian Faith.. 1930s… movement ‘fundamentalism’ started – was respectable… open minded, intelligent, etc… but soon became legalistic & sectarian, separate from mainline orgs. Billy Graham/Christianity Today […]

#cmn10, notes, Day 1

Pretty much unedited notes from the conference (I may add in a few links,  or a few other things I remember!) Digital Environment, Andrew Graystone Most of world now speaks same language (1/0) – live in a cloud of digital information. Whichever form of media you work in, are working within this environment.  A cloud […]