Posters, in the Virtual Pulpit?

“Buses, bus stops, taxis, advertising hoardings: these are the new “virtual” pulpits of British religion.” (Times Online, 8th June)

The intention in this advert as described by (and to us at the launch of #cmn10)  was:

The Intention of This Poster
Francis Goodwin, a founder member of, said: “This is the kind of thing proud parents-to-be show their friends and family — passing round the scan of the baby.

“Our poster reflects this new way of announcing the news of a new arrival and places the birth of Christ in an ultra-contemporary context. It offers a fresh perspective on the birth of Christ — creating anticipation and alluding to both His humanity and divinity.”

Read more about this years campaign on the ChurchAds.Net site, and on Tony Miles site.

How are the press representing it?

The press are picking up on comments made by Terry Sanderson of the National Secular Society ““But it is also the kind of image widely used by anti-abortion campaigners and I hope that the Church of England isn’t trying to use its Christmas poster campaign to make a political point” Times Online, 9th June