MediaNet Academy (2007)

A site produced as a team effort at the Churches Media Council Conference ‘MediaNet Academy’, to which I’d won a free place. The site was hosted by wetpaint, a free CMS. The starter question we were provided with was “If Dr Who travelled through time to the media world of 2027, what would he find? […]

Churches’ Media Council, 2009 (continued)

The whole conference was structured around 2 questions: What impact does the media have upon society? What impact do people of faith have on the media? Day 1 Opening Video Address: Right Hon Tony Blair Tony Blair provided a video address to open the conference, talking about the impact that the media can have, both […]

Churches’ Media Council, 2009

Currently at the Churches’ Media Council (officially retired last night, to be renamed the Church and Media Network) Conference in Swanwick, Derbyshire. Already over halfway through, and it’s really interesting. Haven’t got time for a full-blog as need to get back into the swing, but thought I would register my presence here, and can add […]