Keeping distractions to the minimum?

Learning and teaching in a digital age … remove the digital distractions? To help create such a place, I keep distractions to a minimum. Everything about the interior is designed to promote a pleasant, relaxed, but fully focused atmosphere. There is no glittering or empty decoration. My uncluttered lime-green walls lack even a nail to […]

The Online Classroom?

This looks like a really interesting piece, which I’d like to read in full… but I suspect of interest to a lot of people working in e-learning particularly: The time comes for most teachers to face something they think they cannot do. Such a time came for me in 1993, when a guest speaker at […]

Would you ban laptops in your classroom? #HigherEd #TechChat

Interesting thoughts from an academic who banned laptops from his classroom: The problem is not just that laptops provide an outlet for boredom. After all, distraction was just as much a problem in Aristotle’s day as in ours. Laptops also have a negative effect on the more attentive students, many of whom compulsively transcribe every utterance out […]

Graduate School entirely on iPads

Education is changing… Educators across the nation have put Apple’s tablets into the hands of tens of thousands of students. Like many of the devices champions, Dumestre thinks the device has the power to enhance the learning experience like no other. The new programs are the latest example of how technology isn’t just replacing things […]

Check out @timbuckteeth review of 'Now You See It'

I always love the chance to chat to Steve, and see what he’s up to on his blog. He mentioned at ALT-C that he’d reviewed this book, which I’d be interested to read: Steve Wheeler is convinced that we need new approaches for digitally remastered learners We are constantly reminded that we live in an […]